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Colin has published widely in the housing press on a range of subjects and is author or joint author of the following publications:

  1. “Tenant Surveys” – a publication by Circle 33 Housing Trust and the Housing Corporation. (2000)

  1. “Building for Success – the role of social capital in successful neighbourhoods” – a joint publication by the Chartered Institute of Housing, the National Housing Federation and the Health Development Agency. (2003)

  1. “Bringing it all Back Home” (with Allan Brigham) – a review of housing policy 1966-2006 with a focus on the Romsey Town area of Cambridge. (CIH 2007)

  1. “The Future is Unwritten” – Looking towards 2050. A review of housing, planning and climate change. (CIH 2007)

  1. “Workers on the Move”– a study of migrant workers and their housing needs in the Eastern Region. With Neil Stott, Claudia Schneider, Deborah Holman and Alex Collis. Published by King Street Housing Society, Keystone Development Trust and ARU with financial support from EEDA. (2008)

  1. “Learning from the Past”– a review of new towns and new settlements. With Neil Stott and Marina Stott. Published by Keystone Development Trust with support from BPHA, the DTA and Perrins (2010)

  1. “The Big Society Challenge” - Jan 2011 by Keystone development Trust. 22 authors share their thoughts on the government’s big idea. Includes a chapter on housing associations by Colin Wiles.

  1. Moving on Up” - 2014 for Gateway Housing Association. A study of shared ownership and staircasing.

If you would like a copy of any of these publications please contact me.

Selected articles

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Working for Uncle Sam (Inside Housing October 2000)

Economic migration is vital to the prosperity of the United Kingdom (Inside Housing February 2002)

Solid Bond. Social Capital is the glue which binds neighbourhoods together (Inside Housing January 2004)

Are these the homes of the future? (Inside Housing February 2007)

Radical moves needed to fight climate change (Inside Housing November 2007)

The Green Trap (Inside Housing July 2008)

Tinkering is not an option (Inside Housing October 2008)

Housing Associations and the Big Society - 24Dash. October 2010

See also numerous articles in  Inside Housing and The Guardian


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